Housing Inventory in Denver

Is Low Housing Inventory Driving Up Denver Real Estate Prices? There aren’t enough homes for sale in Denver to satisfy the demand of home shoppers, according to new housing inventory data. The shortage of real estate inventory could severely impact home sales. What does the lack of housing inventory mean for the price of your […]

How Gentrification is Affecting Housing Prices in Denver

Gentrification in Denver

  When a formerly depressed neighborhood suddenly becomes hot, the rapid growth can transform an area almost overnight. But it can also bring expensive growing pains. Is gentrification making Denver unaffordable? Gentrification can happen quickly. As higher-income buyers move into a growing neighborhood, the cost of living goes up. Rents typically escalate, forcing poor and […]

How Friendly is the Denver Housing Market to First-Time Home Buyers?

Is the Denver Housing Market Friendly to First-Time Home Buyers? Buying your first home isn’t easy, but a tough housing market can make it seem impossible. How easy is it to buy your first home in Denver, compared to the rest of the country? The best markets for first-time home buyers offer a balanced combination […]

How Fido Is Taking Thousands Of Dollars Off Your Home Value In Colorado

Could a Pet Reduce Your Colorado Home Value by $30,000? How much do you love your dog? Nearly 60 percent of American households have at least one dog. But the cost of food, toys, and vet bills is nothing compared to the effect on your home’s value. Could your pet lower the selling price of […]

Will The Housing Boom Leave Colorado Behind?

10 Warning Signs the Housing Boom May Leave Colorado Behind In most areas of the country, it’s a seller’s market right now. But in some neighborhoods, home values hit rock-bottom in 2012 and still haven’t fully recovered. Should you wait for prices to rise in your area, or sell your house now? Low mortgage rates […]

5 Things You Need to Know About Inheriting a House in Denver

Keys Inheriting a House in Denver We Buy Ugly Houses Colorado

When you inherit real estate in Denver (or anywhere in Colorado), you also inherit any “baggage” that might come along with the real estate. Follow these five steps to stay out of legal trouble and avoid making tax mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars. 1. You Should Ask an Estate Attorney for Legal […]